STUGA is Swedish for “cottage”
STUGA is a place to rest
STUGA is beautiful space
STUGA is affordable
STUGA is sustainable


STUGA can be configured to meet your needs. STUGA can be as simple as a studio apartment or modules can be combined to make multiple bedroom dwellings.

STUGA can be clustered together to create a modern neighborhood development. Pairing STUGA homes with the smaller STUGA models creates dense urban dwellings for modern living.

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STUGA is permit-ready and meets all City of Portland Zoning and Building Codes. STUGA can also meet regulations in other locations, she travels well.

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Streamlining the design process, three pre-selected, interior finish packages are available—all crafted to harmonize with the architecture of STUGA.

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Pricing and details upon request.  

STUGA is sustainable

STUGA offers measures to reduce your carbon footprint, has the capability to support on-site energy production and allows for waste reduction during the construction process. 

STUGA is affordable

STUGA can provide $1,000 to $1,600 rental income monthly depending on configuration (based on market comparisons).

STUGAs Permit-ready and pre-designed configurations save time and reduce stress. STUGAs modest footprint with multiple configurations yields alternative housing options for middle-income households on standard sized lots. STUGAs First cost of construction is balanced with high quality durable materials, selected for easy maintenance over time.

STUGA is versatile

STUGA modules can be combined to create larger homes that are ideal for remote vacation destinations. STUGA can be built using a pre-fabricated construction process easing the logistical challenges of building in rural areas. STUGA is also available in compact modules for use as an add-on to the larger configurations or as standalone structures. Suited for a fitness room, home office, workshop or guest space, these modules are flexible and affordable.

Thinking about adding STUGA to your property?

We offer free consultations to help you start the process. We cover the following topics in our initial meeting: 


- Cost and Schedule

- Design Options

- Permitting Process

- Prefabrication Process

- Location and Utility Connections

- Sustainability Features


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