Meet STUGA. A modular ADU made for design-minded urban dwellers.


STUGA modular homes can be configured to meet your needs - modest studio, two bedroom home, or cottage community. STUGA is designed for guests, renters, mother-in-laws, nannies & au pairs, grandparents, adult children, entertainment space, and home offices. STUGA is permit-ready and meets all City of Portland Zoning and Building Codes. STUGA can also meet regulations in other locations, she travels well.

STUGA is Swedish for “Cottage”
STUGA is a place to rest
STUGA is beautiful space
STUGA is affordable
STUGA is sustainable





STUGA shift

STUGA shift

STUGA pivot

STUGA pivot

STUGA is sustainable

STUGA offers measures to reduce your carbon footprint, has the capability to support on-site energy production and allows for waste reduction during the construction process. 

STUGA is affordable

STUGAs prefabricated construction offers 20% or more cost savings over traditional construction. STUGAs Permit-ready and pre-designed configurations save time and reduce stress. STUGAs modest footprint with multiple configurations yields alternative housing options for middle-income households on standard sized lots. STUGAs First cost of construction is balanced with high quality durable materials, selected for easy maintenance over time.




Thinking about adding an ADU to your property?

We offer free consultations to help you start the process. We cover the following topics in our initial meeting: 


- Cost and Schedule

- Design Options

- Permitting Process

- Prefabrication Process

- Location and Utility Connections

- Sustainability Features


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